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Pubg Mobile Tips And Tricks

Play Smart

Don’t play hastily. Don’t rush into battle. Do it thoughtfully. Take your time. Make sure you have the right weapon selected and then go.

Use The Edge Of Blue Circle

The edge of the blue circle is a good place to be. You’re in the safe zone but you can easily target other players rushing in to avoid the storm.

Use Vehicles Wisely

Using a car, in the beginning, can be really useful. It’s a fast way to travel to the safe zone and a great way to quickly run players over. But as you get closer to the inner circle, it will become a burden. As it will make it easier for enemies to spot you.

Get a Scope

Once you’ve got the right gun, chase the right attachment. It’s really important to have a nice scope. A 4x scope on your sniper will do wonders.

Wait For The Right Moment

There’s no point in just shooting continuously. All you’re doing there is giving the enemy a chance to shoot you when you’re reloading. Instead, wait for the perfect shot and then pull the trigger. Doesn’t matter if you’re using a shotgun or a sniper.



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